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Sport Instructional Clinics
What is a sport instructional clinic?

A sport instructional clinic is a program designed to teach the skills
Of a specific sport. We offer 18 medal sports and 8 ribbon events at its annual State Games. Your organization can choose one of these 26 events(Appendix B) to provide an instructional clinic for the 50 plus athletes in your area. Contacting high school coaches, sport clubs, referees or any other resource you may know of in your area would be a good place to start. We have some resources if you fall into a bind. We will work out a written agreement with your organization pertaining to advertisement, fees of the program, insurance and other miscellaneous items.

What will Michigan Senior Olympics do?

We will host Greenwich fitness classes and team up with your organization to work side by side in guidance and other forms of help. We will take care of registration for tournaments or clinics, advertisements, some volunteers, if applicable and individual organizational needs. Each site will set up an individual agreement with us and adhere to it. The agreement will write out duties, fees of program, insurance and other items mentioned above.

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