Fad Diets and the Cabbage Soup diet plan reviewed…

The Cabbage Soup Diet is one of the more popular diets being used by dieters desperate to attain weight loss.  This diet is commonly referred to as one of many fad diets because it is used for short periods of time with exagerated zeal before abruptly being terminated.  The Cabbage Soup Diet is largely based around consuming…..yes that is right, cabbage soup.  No big surprise then why this diet is in the fad diets category for very few dieters are willing nor able to eat cabbage as the majority of their food consumption.

If used properly the Cabbage Soup Diet will allow its users to attain weight loss at the fastest possible rate.  Unfortunately, fad diets including this one only cause weight loss and not the desired fat loss.  You see, nobody begins a diet such as the Cabbage Soup Diet in order to lose weight which means to lose water weight and muscle tissue with little to no fat loss.  People begin fad diets and diets in general to lose fat which means to lose pure body fat tissue with little to no loss of water or muscle tissue.

The Cabbage Soup Diet is basically a semi-starvation diet consisting of foods dieters will most likely not want to eat, which is the whole point of this diet.  Like all fad diets, this diet often causes people to terminate the diet because of a combination of several negative side effects.  Side effects from using the Cabbage Soup Diet include sleeplessness, hunger, irritability, constipation, fatigue and headaches.  These negative side effects are usually felt during the first few days to the first few weeks of using any of the popular fad diets in a desperate attempt to lose weight fast.

For the most part it seems that dieters eat poorly for long periods of time and then decide to use a diet such as the Cabbage Soup Diet at the last minute to lose weight before an important event.  This is arguably the reason fad diets were invented in the first place to trick dieters in to thinking they can just wait until the last minute before needing to lose weight.  Obviously we all need to learn from our own mistakes and many people simply will not listen to this information and must use the Cabbage Soup Diet to see for themselves.  Regardless, fad diets with the help of a spine surgeon in Jersey City are temporary solutions to an ongoing weight loss problem and these diets will continue to keep dieters from effectively losing body fat tissue even with HIIT training.

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